eTail Connect Autumn 2017

September 04-September 05, 2018

Sopwell House, St. Albans

44 (0) 207.036.1366

Why Sponsor eTail Connect?


Imagine being at a beautiful, intimate venue with 80 sales ready digital decision makers, and your best salesperson.

Imagine knowing in advance detailed information about the investment priorities and business challenges for those 80 decision makers.

Imagine selecting 20 out of the 80 decision makers who represent the biggest and best opportunity for you, and having a pre-agreed, prearranged 1-1 business meeting with each of them

That dream could become a reality with eTail Connect, the newest networking event for top travel companies.

In essence, eTail Connect is about structured, targeted networking at the highest level in an atmosphere that is calibrated to make deals happen. This is supported by a world-class conference program including live case studies and presentations from key industry leaders.

Prospective guests are put through an exhaustive lead qualification process. As a result before allowing a retailer to participate in eTail Connect we make sure that we know:

  • Responsibility for purchasing solutions
  • Priority areas for investment
  • Status of incumbent solutions
  • Budget and timeframe for making a decision
  • Online turnover


Nick Harragin

Phone: 44 20 736.89.411
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WBR Connect knows relationships. Meet senior executives, benchmark and build relationships to advance deals with your target market. You’ll meet with companies that are qualified - and presently looking to - invest in your area of expertise. Call or email me for more information on a customized package which can include: 1-to-1 meetings, networking and speaking engagements. I’ll be in touch within 24 hours.